Wills and Trusts

Wills and Trusts

Tragedy can strike quickly and without warning. A planned Will puts your wishes into a legal format, which instructs your family on how to handle your finances, medical needs, and property, if you are unable to do so, or if you pass away. Call for an appointment and Norm R. Perry Attorney At Law will help protect you in your time of need.

Safeguard your family after you’re gone
  • Health care power of attorney
  • Power of attorney options
  • Guardianships and living wills
  • End-of-life directives
  • Wills and trusts
  • Estate administration
  • Medicaid planning
  • Nursing home and homecare
  • Advance medical directives
Let us help you plan your future efficiently

Whether you are an individual or family needing assistance, I can help you establish an Estate Plan that fits your unique needs and circumstances.

With our help, you can be sure that your property and your loved ones will be taken care of in the case of your incapacitation or passing.