Elder Law

Elder Law

Elder Mistreatment is a recognized problem and will undoubtedly increase over the next several decades. With aging baby boomers and people living longer lives, elder abuse is exploding out of control

Elder abuse, or financial exploitation, is also known as financial abuse. This abuse occurs when someone misuses or takes money from a vulnerable elderly person

Financial abuse occurs quite often. This type of abuse can include the misuse of powers of attorney and guardianships. Illegal transfers of property and outright fraud and theft. Financial exploitation can also happen after a person’s death, through the mishandling of one’s Estate and distribution of property. 

But most importantly….. what you need to know is being able to detect it quickly and then actually doing something about it. 

Take action. If you believe that an elderly person may be a victim of financial fraud, or any other type of abuse, please act quickly. Time is of the essence and the proper course of action will depend on the urgency of the situation. 

Please call me with your situation and I can be of service for this type of elder abuse.